2012 – My life in review

Yo, 2012, imma let you finish, but 2011 was one of the best years of all time. Of all time.

What made 2011 so great? I TRAVELED TO EUROPE. I also had my last semester at Ashland, worked downtown and graduated. Whatever.

In terms of legitamite life events, I acutally recieved my diploma in 2012 (even though I did technically graduate in 2011), I signed a lease then backed out of it, I got a real job, I traveled to New Orlease and Cherry Hill for work, and I took a real vacation to hike in Michigan and Chicago with my friends from England.

And before years end, I hope to move into a house, setup a photography website with a friend from work, and code an entire website for actual money, not just for fun like I normally do.

I would say 2012 probably kicked 2011’s bum.

But I will never forget all the amazing times 2011 (and 21) brought me! Skip a year. Here’s to turning 23 next Saturday and to what I’m sure will be a lovely 2013.