I’ve been paying for Spotify premium for probably over a year now. The main reason was to get rid of ads. Then it was to use the phone app. Then it was to be able to have my music library offline.

Now I’m hooked. They have me. I contemplated saving $120 a year to spend on something else as a nice treat but when I started to think about even trying to get my old iTunes library up to date with the new music I’ve acquired over the last year, I start to sweat and just shut down that idea faster than a computer with a virus.

A happy thing to have come of this though is that you can view your music year in review. Pretty neat!

You cam read about it and see your year here.

Below are some of my stats from the year…

screencapture-www-spotify-yearinmusic-com-my-year (2)

I don’t think the listening time counts the time you’re offline. I keep Spotify on my phone for wi-fi only and use what I’ve stored offline while I drive…which I don’t think is counted. And yes, I was and still am obsessed with Chandelier.


Here’s the continuation of my top 10 tracks. Of course Beyonce and Disney made the list. So typical of me.

screencapture-www-spotify-yearinmusic-com-my-year (1)

This is the most interesting and fun metric for me because it really zips me back through the year. In the winter months I worked a lot, especially on the weekends and would listen to Daft Punk and similar artists to work to. In the spring I was all about Panic! At The Disco to usher in the warm weather (let’s be honest, I’d sing at the top of my lungs to The Calendar). During the warm summer nights perfect for the bars and clubs I’d spend it rocking out to my girl Bey. And through the fall, I’m actually not sure how YC showed up because I don’t remember listening to them that much but their new album did come out so I probably listened to it on repeat a few times.