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I continually half-joked / half-was dead serious that 2015 was going to be the best year ever, for two reasons I think:

1 – At least just once I put the chronic over-thinker in me to bed and realized that “life” has started. It started a long time ago and I’m not getting any younger.

2 – A LOT was on the books to change in 2015, and I knew it ahead of time. Telling myself this was going to be the best year ever was probably a coping mechanism.

So now that the year is drawing to a close though, I have to ask myself…was 2015 really my best year ever?

It certainly didn’t come close to matching 2014 as “most fun year ever” (because you can never beat 3 summer vacations…unless you take 4) but 2015 was most definitely “most shit done year ever.” I initially had a month-by-month recap of the year but beyond the actual things I did this year (fun as they may have been), it boils down to: “Did I make progress in my 6 goal areas?”

  • Personal
  • Professional/Career
  • Side Business
  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Finances

I really feel like I hit the mark on everything but…..naturally….health and fitness. I actually gained a bunch of weight during the last half of this year so I need to start 2016 strong by attacking this goal. I also didn’t hit my overall savings goal which was a bummer. Too many un-planned, high-cost activities. But I did save a lot!

Personal goals kind of fell by the wayside (my Spanish still isn’t up to scratch like it was when I was in college) but I accomplished a huge goal by finally getting Ab’s website up after silently operating for years without one (out of indecision on design…. #designerprobs). Although I didn’t do as many design and photography projects as I had hoped (which also falls into the “side business” category).

As for the things that actually happened in 2015…I attended 2 weddings and a funeral. I left one job and started another. I celebrated 2 Easters and 3 Christmases. I moved twice. I went on vacation twice. I gave three conference presentations. I drank, laughed, partied, and attended more events than I can remember.

2015 was a good year. It was a damn good year. And I’m so excited for 2016 but in a different way than I was for this year.

2015 was the year of coping. I knew things were going to happen and I prepared for them. I had a weather forecast.

2016 will be different. I won’t be the weatherman anymore, I’ll be the rain maker. Whatever happens to me in 2016 will happen because I made it happen or I allowed it to happen. Now more than ever I am the driver of my own destiny. I need to realize it, understand it, embrace it, and approach the year with fury.

It’s been great chilling with you, 2015. I’ll really miss the comfort of knowing. But now’s the time to jump off the cliff into 2016.

Happy new year.