When I turned 24 I started a “25 Before 25” list as it seemed like a popular way to try to accomplish little goals (key word is started, I never wrote down a full 25 things). Fast forward to only having 111 days until my 25th birthday. That’s a little less than one-third of a year. And I want to accomplish 25 things.

They’re going to be more “decide where to live next year” and less “sky dive” (with a little “drink a whole bottle of whiskey” in between. Just kidding.)

Here’s my FEASIBLE list of 25 things to do before my 25th birthday at the end of December:

  1. Take just one more weekend vacation
  2. Learn the basics of calligraphy (just for fun)
  3. Put $XXXX back into savings (I know the figure)
  4. Do at least 2 photoshoots…and get paid for them
  5. Read 2 more books (on top of the one I’m currently reading…bonus points if one is a classic novel)
  6. Complete one online class (most likely use this curriculum to learn Python)
  7. See one show at Playhouse Square this year (Newsies…duh)
  8. Spend one weekend from Friday at 5pm to Monday when I get up for work withOUT my iPhone
  9. Go to the cinema to see a movie. Eat lots of candy and popcorn
  10. Rebuild my old laptop (with lots of help…)
  11. Fall/Winter clean my entire apartment and purge it of old clothes, appliances, etc.
  12. Spend quality time with each of my best friends, no matter the distance
  13. Special Project A (I’m not going to post it online but…yeah…I know what it is)
  14. Finally launch my second website
  15. Get my blog to a place  I like it (move hosting, all that jazz)
  16. Decide where I’m going to live next year, accept it, look into movers, sign a lease (or renew mine)
  17. Find two new places to have brunch at
  18. Go on a photo adventure around Cleveland and shoot all the bridges in and around downtown
  19. Send an entire box of thank you cards
  20. Participate in NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo
  21. Make a full five-course dinner
  22. Lose 15 pounds
  23. Leave a 100% tip
  24. Marathon a (finished) TV series
  25. Go ice skating