Back when I first started college, (ages and ages ago right?) I read/heard about this exercise in perspective and thankfulness called “3 Good Things.”

Beyond that, I don’t know much about it but I made up my own rules for the exercise. Each day, no matter how boring or trivial or mundane, I would list 3 good things about it. This is especially good for days that were very trying or days that seemed to pass where nothing happened at all.

It’s a good reminder of all that we’re given, if we just look hard enough.

My time since being home has seemed to pass slowly and quickly. Slowly because the days seem endless, filled only with job searching, Sherlock, and reading. Quickly though because I’ve been home from England for a whole month and I can’t believe it.

So, I think it’s high time for a little “3 Good Things” game. There has to be more good things to come of this month than just loafing and job searching, right?

1. Since being home I’ve had a lot of quiet, uninterrupted time to think about what I really want. Out of life, out of a job, etc. I don’t think Europe has changed who I am…I’m still that Type-A obsessive compulsive…but it’s really changed what I want and how I feel. I’ve never felt so free, like I could do or be anything, in my life. And it’s inspired me to reach higher for my dreams.

2. Reading. Might seem trite to the average person, but for a girl who loves to read and never really had time to in college…being home is like a safe haven of reading. Heated blankets, warm sun, a chair by the patio with a great view, and a cordless kettle for tea. It’s restoring to the soul.

3. Skills man. I got skills. There are so many other things, apart from reading, that I’ve wanted to learn to do or spend more time doing like learning all of Adobe’s Creative Suite (photoshop and flash and such), using my massive stock room full of scrapbooking stuff, and learning Italian. All things I’ve had the time to do.

Being home, where space and time is suspended and days blend together…you’d think it’s ideal! But really, it’s not. As Sherlock says, “My mind is like a rocket, tearing itself to pieces, trapped on the launch pad.” But you know…three good things, and I’m sure more, have come of it.

Cheers, America. Cheers, home. I owe you a lot.