(Original 5 Minutes Post)

Look, I hate to be one of those people who’s always like “ugh, look at me, I’m always SO busy. I’m so popular and cool and my life has meaning because I’m always running around…”

But, internet, here are some facts:

– I’m STILL trying to make this year the BEST YEAR EVER. I’m still on the ‘self-improvement’ bandwagon which means….

– I’m actually working on ALL of those side-projects I’ve been putting off, in some cases, for years. There’s no better time than NOW to start, right?

– Life itself hasn’t slowed down though. I still have bills to pay, a car and a house to take care of, and of course myself and my own well-being (ie: cooking healthy food, going to the doctors/dentist) to look after.

But…if I’m being honest…trying to live your best life ever (Thanks, Oprah) is EXHAUSTING. It’s exhausting to always try and do what’s right when you want to do what’s easy (like eating Chipotle for dinner every night). It’s exhausting to want to work on side-projects when you get home from working your normal job. It’s exhausting to have to run-around and do stupid errands in-between everything else AND try to take care of yourself and keep your life together.

(I know…first world pains).

But I’m still convinced it’s all worth it. At least this year. My 5-minute rant is up. I’m going to read and have some relaxing time before bed so I can get up tomorrow and start all over again.