Um okay I know I always call this “Five Things” but today it’s only four…

International Women’s Day // Apparently there’s only one day a year we recognize the struggles women have all year long. There are so many ways that woman are still treated unfairly and unequally than men. Call me a feminist if you want, but this needs to change. We need increased awareness and tolerance for all genders, all races, all religions…all people.

Apple v. FBI // Read Tim Cook’s letter to customers and don’t argue that this isn’t an important issue. The amount of support pouring out in favor of Apple is overwhelming (Microsoft and Google among them) and as a consumer it instills the kind of confidence I’m sure they want me to feel.

Spring Weather // It’s in the mid to high 60s today in Ohio. It’s sunny. It feels like spring. And, besides the point below that has my temper flaring, I’ve been particularly chipper all day. Parka on Sunday. Fleece jacket on Monday. Wooooo.

—- Your Selfie // I just read a news story about a woman who dragged a swan out of a lake to take a selfie with it. Disturbing wildlife in itself is a tragedy that humans do every day as we continue to deforest and destroy natural habitats. But to grab an animal, who struggles to get back to it’s habitat, take a “selfie” with it, and then leave it there, on land, to die is just utterly disgusting. I can say with 100% conviction, I hope people on the internet track down this woman and crucify her.