A while back in a Five Things post I mentioned Ingrid Nilsen’s “5 Minutes For Us.” She’s made a playlist of the videos here.

As it’s 5 minutes until 9 (at which time I fully intend on getting into bed and reading like a lame kid) I thought I’d just take some time to reflect on life recently.

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling. Overwhelmed, perhaps. (But of course I’m too busy to even identify what I’m actually feeling). There’s so much going on right now between real work, life, and side projects (photography, design, AND speaking gigs all in the works right now) that my head is spinning.

But here’s the thing. As I continue to focus on “being present” and doing only one thing at any given time, I find that I’m getting more done. I spend less time thinking about what’s next and more time doing what I’m doing. That’s not to say I don’t make extensive lists to help me remember what’s next. I make meticulous lists for the entire day that encompass things that NEED to get done that day (meetings, work, emails, etc.) and things I BELIEVE I can get done (laundry, make ___ for dinner, etc.) It doesn’t matter how silly or trivial the task is (ie: check mail), it’s on the list and it allows my mind to focus more on what I’m doing instead of trying to remember 100 dumb little things to do.

Which brings me around to the point that I’ve been working for weeks on organizing and taking seriously my business. It’s been “in the works” for almost two years. And while it’s fully operational (read: I have a business bank account and accept paying projects) I have no real PLAN, per se. And we all know how I LOVE planning. (And apparently using CAPS). So I’ve been organizing this MASSIVE all-in-one document I’ve entitled MASTER PLAN (and yes, the document title is in all caps on my Dropbox). It includes every. single. little. minute. detail. From the legal documents I need to create to the social media and posting plan I intend to follow. It’s my comprehensive checklist for my business. And the best part is, ¬†because I’ve been spending so much DEDICATED focused non-distracted time on it, I really truly feel like it is complete. (Not complete in the eyes of the internet because I could include so much more but complete for my purposes). I left no stone un-turned in creating it and now it’s time to execute the plan.

Maybe I’ll blog the process. Who knows. All I know is that I’m truly amazed at what you can do when you apply yourself.

2015 really is shaping up to be my best year ever.