I never really thought I was a mean person. Or rude, inconsiderate, or childish.

Until I moved into the condo above the biggest, most rude, inconsiderate, childish, jerk ever.

No matter what time of day or the day of the week, he has loud club music going. I’ve woken up between midnight and 5 am multiple times to his music.

So we know he likes to club in the evening hours. Okayyyyy.

But then I get off work early on Fridays around 2:30…and he’s at it then too.

It. Never. Stops.

Wednesday night I was 2 seconds away from bursting into tears because I just wanted him to stop. I just wanted silence.

If there’s any type of person I most certainly am…it’s a quiet one. I mean, yes….I laugh way too loud and I can get a little rowdy but on the grand scale of things? I’m just a quiet, reserved person. I value silence and peace.

Living here has robbed me of that.

And now I’m slowly turning into an angry, bitter, person. Why? I currently hooked my laptop into my flatscreen (louder speakers) and am blaring Trey Songz. I hope no one but the jerk below me can hear it.

In true fashion though, I”m all bark and no bite. I’ll just deal with this joker for as long as I’m here (or as long as he’s here…which hopefully isn’t long! Hopefully his lease runs out and he leaves soon).

Keep thinking of this Sherlock scene:

It’s not a game, it’s chance.

It’s not chance, Mr. Holmes, it’s chess. One move. One survivor. And this…this is the move. You ready yet, Mr. Holmes? Ready to play?

Play what? It’s a 50-50 chance.

You’re not playing the numbers, you’re playing me. Is it a bluff? Or a double bluff? Or a triple bluff?