I’ve been blogging since the early 2000’s when LiveJournal was still a thing.

Those posts have since go into The Vault, but the current blog, the one you’re reading right now, has been going since 2011. The URL has changed a few times until it landed here in early 2013.

I felt compelled back then to claim my name as a website. My own personal little slice of the internet.

But now it’s time for the blog to move homes again.

In late 2013 I formed a company, Aughtonburgh, that I’ve been operating through silently since then.

It’s time for Ab, my secret side project, to become…a ‘thing.’

I’ve batted around keeping this website going in addition to Aughtonburgh (well, after Ab officially launches, that is) but for fear of fragmenting things too much, everything will now be housed there.

I would have loved to keep my name, as so many creatives do…Jasmine Star, Victoria McGinley, Joy Cho…but for some reason (fear of seeming too self-centered?) I just can’t. I have to form something that’s bigger than myself (talk about ego!)

I haven’t set an official launch date for Aughtonburgh. Usually these things are kept under wraps until the big launch and boom…switches are flipped and this site goes away and Ab becomes live and there’s a big celebration!

But it’s been almost a full TWO YEARS since I registered Aughtonburgh and have kept it under wraps.  I know me. I know if I keep this a “secret” longer, I’ll just keep putting it off for another few years and it’ll just never happen.

So from here going forward, you’ll see some changes on this website. The blog will eventually re-direct to the Ab blog once it’s goes live. And this website will become more of a static website for….well…me. But I (can’t stop) won’t stop blogging like I do here. Writing, however terrible at it I am, has always helped me to organize my thoughts and give me a clearer voice. Once the blog transitions over to the business site it’ll be more photography/design/lifestyle focused but there’ll still be personal posts sprinkled here and there. I’m just a chatty cat, you know?

So goodbye, for now, website.

I’ll see you over on Aughtonburgh soon!