Last Monday I made egg rolls, Bun Gao, and pot stickers…from scratch. Whoa. It took hours. (And thankfully my boyfriend liked them).


Later that week I had dinner with my former college roommate.

This week? Work, freelance work, date night, Night Market in Asiantown, a wedding this weekend and everything in between.


Between August and October there’s baby showers, graduation parties, Labor Day parties, wedding showers, vacation, weddings, conferences, and holidays.

And finding time to buy gifts for all those occasions.

Is this adulting? Making dinner from scratch and attending baby showers and looking for apartments together with my boyfriend?

I’m so beyond thankful for how things in life how turned out so far and even more excited for what might come in the future.

But it’s just weird how life progresses and you hardly notice it day by day until you look back at chunks of time.

This year alone has held more challenges, opportunities, and successes combined than I think I’ve faced in the past and it’s only the end of July.

Here’s hoping the next five months turn out just as beautiful. 2015 is still on track for the “best year ever.”