It’s about 6 mins to 3am here. Just got back and in bed with some hot food, all showered and squeaky clean.

Here’s how my night went…

Got to Manchester around 5 something. Walked around looking for the venue. It was already dark so it made that task 1000000 times more difficult.

Got there super early and was told we would have to line up outside. Whatever.

Walked down the street a ways to subway (2 pounds for a veggie delight!) walked back to the venue…sat outside for just over an hour waiting to get in. Sat outside in the freezing cold….and I was in flats. Bad choice of footwear (bad, also, I will find out later, because you get stepped on a lot when you’re in the front).

Finally got let in. Went up the wrong set of stairs. Made it into the venue…didn’t get to the front. We were just behind the people standing along the gate.

The wonder years were okay. Had a few good head-jamming tunes. Switched sets for Saves the Day….they had greattt music, instrumentally I mean. Their frontman sounded a lotttt like a girl. Whatever. There were some realllllly annoying people jumping around and hitting me on the head…the security guy at one point pulled the guy up and was like hey…stop.

They left after Saves the Day, thank God.

Moved down the gate a bit and waited for YC to start.

Wow. I was crushed. Literally crushed into the people in front of me. Plus people were jumping and what-not (expected at a concert) so I was being crushed AND hit in the head by people’s arms. Being short just sucks. All I saw most of the concert was Sean Mackin and Ryan Mendez…dind’t get to see the love of my life, Ryan Key, very often unless he came over to stage left. It was, none-the-less amazing. Despite the fact that it was hot, the people around me were sweaty and smelled, I thought I was going to pass out, and I was being brutalized…it was good.

Booked it out of the venue in order to make the train home. Ended up getting there and having to wait at the platform for about 900 years. Late train. Made it to Hunts Cross on the THE most annoying train ever. Someone barfed (yes, I know you wanted to know that) and there were two drunk women being loud. Because the train was late coming in, we missed the train from Hunts Cross to Lime Street but they coached us there for free. Great.

We get to Lime St and…it starts raining. Like…legit raining. And we can’t find a taxi. Walking walking….found a taxi (actually ran across the street while he was waiting at a light…) and taxi’d back here for 28.40 GBP. Not bad.

Tonight in general…not bad. Wish I would’ve seen more of the concert and less of the people’s heads in front of me but it is what it is. I don’t regret it. (I DO regret not getting there even earlierrrr thought and being at the gate).