A blog post for the sake of a blog post. It’s pointless. But I can do that on my blog, you see?

I’m so relived this week is over. The amount of anxiousness and stress it has caused me…whoa.

I spent the better half of the week tediously editing photos which, as a photog, you’d think “oh fun!” How wrong you are. My one buddy who’s also a photog can attest to how much I detest culling and editing photos. A task made slightly more expediant by my Wacom which I toted in to work with me. Thank God for drawing tablets…

To get me through my personal Hell on Earth, I spent a lot of time listening to music. In particular, the Alt-J album. To put into perspective how much I’ve been listening to this album since I discovered it two months ago….when I got my iPhone 5S and had to put music back on my phone…the only songs I put back on it were Alt-J. I’ve been listening to them non-stop on my commute for a while.

If you’re in to indie music, this album….just…yes. The interludes, the guitars…it’s a different type of trance music. It’s not trippy. It’s just…you have to listen to it to understand.

The first song I ever heard from them was MS.

Just before the drop at 1:20……..internet…….I haven’t heard music so beautiful and tranquil since The Macabees’ Go

So I jammed out to this and carried on.

The week is finally over. I have a list 10 feet long of things I need to get done this weekend in between engagements all weekend…namely at the top of the list: handmake, write out, and send, this year’s holiday cards. AH! Plus holiday shopping, photoshoots, parties, and more.

Slow down December, eh?

I’m going to pop off to bed (who goes to bed at 11 on a Friday? This girl, right here) to get an early start on Saturday.

Have a lovely weekend and if you’re in Ohio, beware the snow!