These last few days I’ve done something almost unheard of.

I drove 70 in the middle lane on I-71.

Le what?!

Per the norm, you can usually find me cruising along at about 85 expressly in the express lane. It’s just how I ride, man.

But then I realized that it only takes me maybe 35, 40 minutes to go get to work vs the 1.5 (usually hour 15 mins) it used to take me. In terms of time savings…whoa.

My day usually started super early and ended super late. I was perpetually in a hate-hate relationship with my commute.

And now I miss it?!

I at least miss all of my alone time in the car to think. And I especially miss listening to my favorite hour long podcasts.

The commute now is much much more nice. It’s a more decent hour and traffic isn’t half as bad as it was going towards downtown Cleveland.

Thankful. Don’t get me wrong. Just puzzled (“he puzzled til his puzzler was sore”) over why I’d even miss the so-called “super commute.”


Happy Wednesday! xx