Note: This post isn’t about The Hobbit. Despite the photo and title. Well…maybe.

My theme of 2013 is “an unexpected journey.” I’ve been chasing the feelings I had when I was in England for almost a year, to date, and I’ve yet to find that feeling of complete, untouched freedom.

And I never will, now that I have a condo and a new car and a real job.

Which is why it comes as somewhat unexpected that, as of last Monday, I have resigned from my position in Cleveland. Scary? Crazy? What was I thinking?! No more travel?! No more crazy awesome clients?! No more swag?! (No more corner desk?!)

I’m not sure what direction this move is a step in…but I know that it could be the start of something HUGE for me. It could be the making of my career. And I’m only 22.

When you have that inkling…that feeling that you can do something truly great somewhere…how can you say no?

So this is my unexpected journey. I’m comfortable in Cleveland. I love Cleveland. I love my job here. And I love traveling.

But God is calling me to something different. I don’t even feel called…I feel like God is standing over there waving his arms shouting my name. That’s how strongly I think I’m being called on. I’m going to a place that doesn’t just want me…I get the sense they need me. And they don’t just need anyone. Me, specifically.

The second part of my unexpected journey is that I’m going to start work early. I already pushed it a week early…and now it’s being pushed even earlier than that. Early early! Which means I won’t be able to take that week off at the end of the year like I’d hoped (to selfishly read books and re-upholster chairs for my new condo). But I’ve started late before for selfish purposes and deeply regretted it. I’ll just have to cram all of my furniture shopping in this weekend! But that’s how I roll.

Fast and furious baby.