On September 14 at 2:30 I sat down at gate A10 in the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and started my travel journal.

Some great excerpts:

2:30 PM CLE Hop Int’l

  • There’s this super annoying baby/toddler behind me (as would be the case almost everywhere I traveled)
  • I’ve been here since 1:!5
  • I’m hungry
  • There’s a ridiculous number of people talking on cell phones
  • There’s also a v. good looking guy sitting 3 seats down and across from me

3:56 PM – CLE Plane

  • Being taxied to the runway
  • Sitting next to an older English man
  • Can’t concentrate on reading
  • Goodbye Cleveland! See you Dec 19

6:08 PM – Phil Airport

  • Good thing I can follow signs.
  • We landed in Terminal F. My connecting flight’s in Terminal A. Wow. Long walk.
  • Stopped in the food court for dinner. Got a chicken sandwich and waffle fries from Chick-fil-A. Never been there before.
  • Have two hours to kill before originally scheduled boarding time. Sitting in a rocking chair overlooking some parking garage in the mean time.
  • Charging my phone in the out. semi-close to my rocker. Had to put it on the floor though. Ew.
  • As I was walking through the airport trying to navigate to terminal A I had two feelings…and overwhelming sense of independence and this extreme longing to be walking through the airport…going home. Like I’ve had my adventure for the day and now I’m ready to crawl back into my bed with the polka-dotted sheets and close my eyes.
  • So bizzare to think I Won’t see Ohio now again until late December when it’s covered in snow.
  • Going to sit in this rocker until the sun sets. Sigh.

7:20 PM – Sitting at the gate A26

  • Can’t stop staring out the window at the most amazing sight – the largest airplanes I’ve ever seen! It’s a beast. You can see the people working on the plane…they’re so small.
  • My mind is basically blown. How airplanes even work…blows my mind.

9:10 PM – still in Philly

  • Sitting next to two English men…their conversation is interesting (yes, I’m eavesdropping)
  • Plane delay until 9:20…except it’s 9:10 and no one’s on the plane but maintenance.

And that’s the last I wrote until 9/16. Stat tuned for pt 2….the picture post : )