This is 3 4 days late and it makes me sad because I had actually written a real post a week in advance, forgot to proof and post it, and now it’s moot!

Below is just the August re-cap. Doing a little something different for September’s Projects and Goals!


Photo – I don’t even know how many shoots I did in July. So many. Currently 5 in the queue for editing. All shots in the queue edited. WHAT?! I’ve caught up?! YES! Which means THIS girl can embark on some new shoots!
Web – My website – My BIGGEST goal for August! My own brand! I did do some mockups for the new homepage and printed off some great inspiration that I marked up.
Craft – Finish the 4th shadow box….and a secret! No movement on this : (
Marketing – Setup a complete social marketing plan for my photography+design business. Still on the list. In conjunction with my web goal. No movement on this either. Really….


Purchasing – Okay…another BIG goal…apart from bills, gas, and groceries…spend $0. This isn’t entirely feasible but I have a budget and it needs to be adhered to. My reward? Fall shopping spree! (Maria @ The Style Letters would be so proud). But the punishment if I go over? I have to pay TWO full car payments in September. Ouch. Did amazing/under budget for August! Until the three days over labor day weekend in which I spent $650. Uhhh…..
Travel – Pulled the original goal from the list. Replacement: Spend 1 Saturday in a new place in Ohio. Nope : (
Photo – Find a cookbook writer. SOMEONE WRITE A COOKBOOK SO I CAN TAKE THIS OFF MY LIST! Gee whiz I might just take this off…
Photo – Decide where I’m going with this. Expensive hobby? Business? And don’t book a singleeeee shoot until I figure this out. I think I’ve got it! I’ll discuss in detail someday.
School – This is a new one! But it’s been 1.5 years since I graduated college. Time to go back to get my MBA! First step: research the GMAT, good schools, and scholarships! Did research on GMAT and schools! Even sent off for some information!
Blogging – Just……….get this cluster in order. Uhhh….kind of. Kind of not.