I’m probably going to get beaten up in the schoolyard for this but….I don’t really like autumn. *ahhhh stones* I have allergies and pumpkins….yes, the beloved staple of fall and Starbucks drinks….actually has the ability to trigger asthma attacks in me. Also…I’m more of a cool color girl so all the reds and yellows and oranges of the season kind of rub me the wrong way. Day are shorter (boooo) and the cool weather, while welcome at the start, signals the start of winter (which is just the pits).

BUT there are also many good things about autumn. A new season of fashion (my obsession, thanks, Maria). Breezes designed for hiking. Football season (Go Bucks!) Warm apple pies. And memories of England (as this is the exact time of year I was abroad).

In an effort to make even more of the season before I’m shut in the for the long winter, I’ve made a seasonal goals list instead of a monthly one…

– Brew hot mulled cider…like the Germans
– Learn to make golden vegetable soup…like the English
– Read a suspense/mystery novel…or two (this is as close to “scary” as I’m willing to get)
– Eat/share a bag of Mary Janes (NOT the gross kinds…the seasonal peanut butter toffee kind)

mary-jane– Go to a football game at my old HS. (I miss those Friday Night Lights!)
– Go hiking in Hocking Hills. (I hear autumn is the best time to go!)
– Go hiking in Michigan. (An annual tradition started last year)
– Buy a candied apple. Worry about teeth later.
– Make a holiday gift buying list!
– Decorate for Christmas as soon as socially acceptable.
– Celebrate my mom’s birthday epically.
Thanksgiving for Juan (of course I’ll be with my family on actual Thanksgiving but I want to learn to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner for myself!)
– Black Friday? No way Jose. CYBER MONDAY.
– Work on some amazing “has it really been two years?” project
– Find a new flat for 2014. Establish a moving timeline. Find movers. Booooo.

Am I missing anything?