Today the 2015 Restoration Hardware catalogs made their way to my mailbox.

Ah. Nothing makes me feel worse about my life than their annual catalogs (except perhaps the Tiffany Blue Book).


Because they’re full of carefully curated photos of beautiful things.

By themselves each object is a wonder but together they make the most picturesque scenes.

Flipping through the Small Spaces catalog made me realize I only want beautiful things in my life. Beautiful people. Beautiful furniture. Beautiful office supplies. I want everything I touch or see in my home to make me happy. I don’t want it to be too cluttered. And I don’t want it to be disorganized.

I want my home to be my own version of a Restoration Hardware catalog (or an Arhaus catalog).

How do I get started today?


I recently bought a few new blouses (only buy what you love!) and realized there are some pieces in my closet I NEVER wear. Time for them to go! So today I’m going through my clothes closest (yes, I have two). Coats, dresses, pants/skirts/shorts/leggings, cardigans, blouses, etc. AND shoes.

All of my accessories (necklaces, tights, belts, etc.) are in my bathroom so that’s tomorrows chore!