I just saw the Bedtime Tag by Fleur DeForce (and Talk Becky Talk) on YouTube and thought it was kind of fun.

It’s almost my bedtime so I thought I’d participate (via Blog).

1. What are you favourite pajamas?

I used to have a lot of pairs of pajamas when I was a kid then I switched over to shorts then no clothes at all. But since it’s the winter if I’m lounging around the house I do have one mint pair of bottom with sheep on them (and navy blue stars…everything I love!) and a pair of gray yoga pants. And then I’ll sleep in a t-shirt if it’s cold (usually one of my boyfriends if I’m feeling lonely).

2. Current bedtime reading?

Nothing particular. I usually read magazines or articles I’ve saved for later on Pocket.

3. What is on your bedside table?

A lot! Trash can, tissues, power strip with phone charger, clock, two magazine holders, a book, my iPhone, my iPhone holder, and a humidifier.

4. Favourite sleepy scent?

This is sad but I’ve had this stuffed animal sheep since I was an infant that’s still in or around my bedroom…the smell of that puts me to sleep. Or my boyfriends cologne.

5. What is your usual bedtime & wakeup time?

I usually get in bed around 9 or 10 and try to be asleep by 11 (or midnight if I’m out with people that evening). I wake up between 7:30 and 8 almost every day, even on the weekends.

6. Top 3 bedtime products?

Bobbi Brown renewing eye cream, Gold Bond eczema cream, and medicated Chapstick

300 bobbie-brown-eye-cream

7. Your most common sleeping position?

I like to sleep on the left side of the bed, on my stomach, facing outwards with my left leg kind of angled (I know…TMI)

8. Any strange bed time routines?

No but I’m freakishly OCD about the sheets and blankets and pillows being clean and in the right position (tags on the bottom right!)

9. Are you big spoon or little spoon?

Most of the time I’m the big spoon : (