Until I actually move, you’re not going to hear the end of this, Internet. And I’m sorry (#notsorry).

It seems almost weekly I change my mind on where I want to live in 2014. The options are:

1) Stay where I am and pay $950/mo in rent alone (no utilities included). Only 17 mins to work. Right off the main interstate going to CLE.
2) Move east of work, 13 mins to a small town I have no desire of ever living in. Not close to CLE at all. Slightly lower rent though. But will be not by work when work moves to another city.
3) Move to Cleveland. 45 minute drive to work. But I’d love living there. I miss being in Cleveland a lot.

One of the girls at work told me her mom told her “don’t live by work. live where you want to be after work.”

Solid advice.

And for slightly more personal reasons…I have no desire to live in this county anymore. It’s either east to Summit or north to Cuyahoga.

So here’s the list of considerations:

– Close to Cleveland
– Lower rent than $950/month
– All the amenities I have now (laundry ensuite, personal garage, gym, etc.)
– Close to a Target
– Close to a library that’s a member of the CPL
– Quiet neighborhood
– Close to work (less than 20 min drive one way)