I started typing this in paragraphs but since it’s 9:16 (meaning this old gal should’ve been in bed 16 minutes ago), I’m going to bullet points…

  • I’ve been really anxious lately. Over work. Over getting some personal projects done. Over the holidays. I’ve been unusually busy with those things that all the things normal in my life are piling up and it’s just making me all antsy. And then there was the kerfluffle last Wednesday that this artichoke is still steamed over.
  • Today on my way to work I was behind a tractor trailer (can we just talk about how my entire life I’ve been spelling it trailOr…not Er?) and it had “221-B” on the back. I was driving so fast (……..uhh…..) that I didn’t have the chance to see where the truck was from or what that might have been in reference too but it surely made for the start to a great, early morning, work day.
  • And then, do we all remember this?
  • Yeah, a miniature version of the fluffy unicorn with the bug eyes and lolling tongue was plopped on my desk among the pride of panthers (is a group of panthers called a pride like lions?) It really WAS so fluffy I wanted to die…..I’m not kidding.
  • Since the guy below me moved out on Nov 30, this is day 4 of being able to be the noisiest most obnoxious person alive. I’ve tried to be EXTRA noisy to compensate for having been so considerate for the last year. Fingers crossed no one moves in until the middle of January so I can turn my new 55″ TV up super loud whilst watching new Sherlock….but I have a feeling it’ll be filled within the next two weeks. Boo.
  • Also, tonight, since it is the 4th of December / 4th day of Vlogmas / 4th day of being the only person on this side of the building (well, almost) I decided to finally try vlogging. I’ve tried before, actually, earlier last spring, but it felt wrong and I gave up. I got over most of my fears (of people hearing me talking to myself) BUT my card (so full of stuff for work) must’ve filled up and I didn’t notice it because it only filmed 1.5 minutes and I spent a solid 20 talking to myself. Sigh. I”ll try again with an empty card and a full battery (or maybe use one of these?)
  • For once I’ve left work at work and spent the evening eating and catching up on YouTube videos. It’s been glorious, internet, sheer gloriousness.

I’m not sure what I’ll be up to tomorrow but hopefully it’s as productive as today.