It’s been almost exactly four years since I returned to America from Europe. FOUR YEARS, internet. Being there taught me a lot of things, hard skills like web development and soft skills like adaptability, complex problem solving, and greater independence. It genuinely inspired me to live a life I love and to take calculated risks.

Somewhere in the subsequent months following my return the hard reality hit that I’m not going back any time soon. I got a job and “life” kind of started. At my first job out of college I met one of my greatest friends. Like me, she dreamt big and had an infectious enthusiasm for going after what she wanted that kind of rubbed off on me. We started learning photography together and she constantly encouraged me to do something with graphic and web design since I enjoyed it so much.

And so went weeks of scheming in the upstairs of the Rocky River Heinen’s over lunches that eventually birthed what is currently Aughtonburgh.

With an entrepreneurial spirit but such an introverted personality it took a while to get Ab (as I fondly refer to Aughtonburgh) where it is today. It’s scary to try and do your own thing with no direction! And it’s even worse to be your own designer and web person (raise your hand if you change your mind a lot! raises hand).

While I’ve been taking client work under Ab for a while, without the time to really think through business decisions I held off launching the website until October of last year.

But here it is.

Early on I began to document the journey of making Ab. Not just it’s website, but making the business as whole. Everything from choosing it’s name to designing it’s logo and picking a color pallet. I thought I’d share those notes for other scrappy people who have an idea, a desire, and the internet 🙂

How I chose a business name will follow this post! Enjoy!