Make me want to cry.

It’s no secret I love me some expensive pumps (whatever Kate Middleton wears…I own) but I don’t get as emotional about them as I do brogue shoes. And yes. I get emotional about shoes. There are distinctions (long, semi, quarter, “wingtip” full – toe cap as well as oxford, derby,¬†ghillie, monk – closure) but for all intent and purposes I call them wingtips or oxfords.

And…God help me, internet…..I bought a new pair.

Kassey Sikora

I only bought a new pair because I tossed my lastttt pair (a more burnt orange colour) in the back of my car last Friday so I could switch from heels to oxfords after work and I’m not kidding…one went missing! I’m not sure where or when or even howwww that shoe got lost but it’s not in my car or my Mary Poppin’s handbag so it’s certainly lost. What with cooler weather coming though I didn’t hesitate in securing a new pair.

They’re beautiful. They smell of leather. And it makes me happy that each shoe came in it’s own little dustbag. Fancyyyyy.

Now…I just need to figure out how to rock them five days a week…