Have been a largely absent person these last few days because life happened and then the holidays plus more of life…it is what is it.

But in that time, I have been trying to carve in time to play around with my new Nikon (although I think I’ll always have a secret love for Canon just because my two favourite photographers both use the Canon EOS 5D Mark III).

No mind blowing shots were taken and, to be honest, I’m still trying to re-establish my workflow. Post processing is like my kryptonite (cue 3 Doors Down music). In fact, getting punched repeatedly in the face is probably more fun that culling images. Ew.

And while it’s not quite the new year, I find that this new camera really should signal at least some changes in regards to my post-processing habits…right now.

As of this moment, I have taken 1,002 shots on this new camera. I’ve divided them into appropriate folders with my new labeling system (specifically for this camera…I like my old file naming system for my other photo files)…and that’s about it. I haven’t changed the file names themselves…and I definitely haven’t culled the images, tagged and flagged…and I haven’t edited a single photo.

Just like with NaBloPoMo…this is turning into an epic failure.

For the time being, here’s a “test shot” taken the other day ago with my trust brown patent leather loafers!