If I had to identify with any character right now it would be Belle in Beauty and the Beast. It’s getting colder out (brrr) and all I want is a huge library like Belle with a roaring fireplace and endless amounts of books. (And also a staff on hand that would get me anything so I didn’t have to go outside again until March).

In my case, though, all I have is a burrito bed and a handful of magazines, books, and TV shows to keep me entertained during the week. I wanted to assemble a list of books (and authors) I don’t currently own but would love to have by my bedside:

The New York Times: 36 Hours 125 Weekends in Europe // Barbara Ireland

The NYT runs a column called 36 Hours In… where the editor visits a location for just 36 hours and basically “reviews” it. Places to eat, things to do, in just a short time. I’ve always loved reading the column and now there’s a series of books!


The Underground Storyteller // Alex Day

I’ve ridden the metro around many cities in both the US and Europe and I’ve always been fascinated by the system, the stops, and the history behind them all. Alex Day brilliantly visits every stop on the London underground and wrote a book about it.


Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain // Jamie Oliver

If my cookbook collection needs one addition, it’s this book. I maxed out my renewals on this book from the library and had to eventually return it but I love the photographs, side stories, and of course, recipes in this book.


This is the World: A Global Treasury // M. Sasek

I’m actually a sucker for children’s books. I know…weird. I just love the illustrations and beautiful, always with a happy ending, stories they tell. In this book Sasek illustrates the people and cultures of cities around the world.

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Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals // Dinah Fried

Another “fun” type book where Fried cooks up (literally) meals from moments in literature. Ever wonder what the Mad Hatter’s tea party looked like in Alice in Wonderland? Fried helps your imagination along.

Fictitious Dishes