What did I do today? Oh, you know, I spent a weeks pay on a new DSLR camera.

Major electronic purchases are kind of my thing. The research. The evaluation. In the last year and a half I’ve boughten a new laptop, an iPhone, and now a DSLR. I find it all so very thrilling. (That was a minor Sherlock reference…if you got it, let’s be best friends).

My new buddy, I’ll call him…Greg for now (Sherlock reference)…is the start of something new, I think. I’ve always had a keen interest in photography and this is a chance to finally get my act together. Over the summer I put together a list of things, people, and places I’d love to shoot…now’s the time to get on that list. I’ve also struggled with post-processing (finding time and motivation to do it, I mean)…now’s the time to put the process on paper into practice.

And of all the artsy things I do, I never feel compelled to share them with others like I do photography. I don’t ever feel the need to play the piano or paint for others, probably because I like to avoid criticism of something that brings me joy, but with photogaphy, the capturing of a single moment in time…I find it fascinating and something (finally) worth sharing. Sooo I’ll probably be re-arranging my blog a bit. But then again, I enjoy these kinds of web things. I might even really get my act together and buy out a web address and try my hand at coding a website again.

Oh the many joys of life that I can pull together just from this single purchase. Worth it? Yes.

P.S. Didn’t post yesterday! But I’m used to that kind of blogging failure.