Do people still subscribe to/read magazines? And I’m talking about the “I will pay actual money to subscribe to a paper booklet that gets mailed on a regular basis” variety.

I hope you do. Because then it would mean I’m not alone in the world. I subscribe to a fair number of magazines and yes, I know it would be more “planet friendly” if I went digital and by the time I actually get around to reading the magazine most of the content is irrelevant…AND, most of the articles are online for free…

But that’s not where this is going so /end rant/.

BW (Bloomberg Businessweek) released their annual “How To” issue with the most bizarre short guest articles like “How to: Prepare for Aramgeddon in the Office” or “How to: Own A Vinyard.” But the majority are gems like “How to: Exercise in Four Minutes” or “How to: Argue like a pundit.”

Of course I had my trusty highlighter close by while I was reading (I markup magazines like books…judging me?) and highlighted some random snippets in case you didn’t want to read 35 pages of the April 21 issue of BW. (What am I saying? All the articles are online…for free…here.)

Here are some of my favorite snippets and quotes (edited only to make sense out of context).

How to…

Get on a Board by Maggie Wilderotter – Fish where the fish are. Get to know CEOs and others who are board members. Spend time with people to find out what makes them tick.

Get People to Listen by Cory Booker – “I can’t sell products I don’t believe in. People will see right through me. But if I’m passionate and have a deep conviction about what I’m doing, I’m the greatest salesman there is.” “Statistics tell, and stories sell.” My goal is to motivate people to act. In the end, it’s not about you; it’s not about getting people to listen to you. The real communicators are the ones who can motivate people to act- and ultimately to lead themselves.

Look Like You Know What You’re Talking About¬† by Craig Ferguson – If you’re supposed to know something and you don’t try listening I don’t mean fake listening but real listening. Ignorance is a perfectly reasonable position to take in a conversation. I don’t know everything you do. If I did, when would I bother talking to you?

Live Like an Artist by Mason Currey – Carve out a few hours a day to work. Most artists don’t work long hours often just three or four a day, but they work every day. They have routines.

Motivate Yourself by Mark Cuban – The concept of always: When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re always trying to win. You’re always trying to improve. You’re always trying to compete for customers. You’re always trying to stay ahead. You’re always cognizant of people trying to kick your ass. You’re always trying to kick your own ass before someone else does.

Follow Your Instincts by Natalie Messenet – It’s better to have fewer people who are on your side than many people who want to change what you feel is right.

Overcome Fear by Felix Baumgartner – Fear isn’t something to be eliminated. It’s something to be managed. Fear gets problematic when it becomes your focal point, dominating your thoughts and distracting you from the task at hand. Let your fear inform you. And be patient with yourself. Dealing with it might be one of the smartest things you do.