After three years together, my car’s original battery and I parted ways. While these things are expected when you own a car (new tires, new brake pads and rotors, possibly a new alternator, car batteries, etc.) they’re somewhat foreign to me. I take my car in for regular service (oil change, tire rotation, etc.) and go on the blind faith that my car will last because of that. Sometimes things are just unexpected though and it’s thankful I was at home (downtown at V’s, not my house home) where I had someone to pat my back while I cried (because I totally cry over these things) and wait with me while I waited for Triple A to come bring a replacement battery.

In the grand scheme of things, a mildly stressful event happened (I missed some meetings at work that I actually wanted to be in…womp womp) but V bought me a breakfast sandwich while we waited and I missed rush hour traffic. I also had to call my credit card company and the woman went “you have a nice week sweetie” and my heart almost melted. I wanted a sandwich for lunch, which I missed out on because of time, but I did get some chips (#SaltySnacks) and tonight I thoroughly plan on taking a long shower, watching Food Network while I make/eat dinner, and reading in bed all night after that (minus doing laundry…boo).

Sometimes you just have to not let one kind of downer thing ruin the whole day (or even the whole week since it’s only Monday).