When I got back from Europe all I wanted to do was travel more. Cue finding a job that involved a little bit of traveling every few months and using my disposable income to book planes, trains, and automobiles around America.

Life has settled a lot since then but it’s still a bit of a joke that I’m always planning a vacation. (I like to leave the state at least three or four times a year). This year I’m hoping to take 3 proper vacations and 1 mini weekend vacation.

In addition I’m leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning for work. Genuinely going IN and OUT in less than 48 hours (reminds me of that one time in Paris…) but I have 2 things I must do while I’m there: eat a hot dog and walk around Millennium Park.

I’ve been to Chicago a handful of times so I don’t feel sad not doing anything else while I’m in town for work. Normally I’d be out and about until it wasn’t safe to walk around alone anymore!

But I’m thankful to be going and happy to just have a nice change of scenery for a few days.

I miss racking up frequent flyer miles! I miss hotels and AirBNBs. I miss room service and endless towels and TV. I miss exploring! I miss seeing new sights and hearing sounds of a different city.

And I so sooooo can’t wait to kick off a new year of traveling.

Even if the first trip is for work.

Even if I won’t have time to do much else but eat and sleep and work.

Even if it is only for a day and a half.

I’m excited.