Back in May I finally (finallyyyyy) gave in to my secret addiction and love for subscription boxes when I ordered a trial of Try the World. Since then I’ve signed up for Ipsy (even though I only wear makeup 1% of the week) and have ordered both Target and Walmart’s beauty boxes just to see what’s inside for myself. I have to admit though, food focused boxes are my favorite because I LOVE TO EAT and trying new things, especially ones not normally accessible in my city, is a true adventure at home.

It was a complete delight to be asked by Chococurb a few months ago if I’d like to try their nano subscription. Each month you get five small to medium sized chocolates for $10 ($8 if you sign up for an annual plan). The chocolates are shipped in styrofoam containers with a small ice pack to help prevent them from melting in the summer heat and while my ice pack was room temperature by the time I got the package, it still make me happy that the company had thought through the logistics of shipping (coming from someone who used to work in the logistic industry). It was hard to keep myself from ripping open the packaging and eating all of the chocolate right away before I took photos but I did, internet, just for you.

Included with the chocolate was a small card describing the mission and vision of Chococurb. Easily summed up I think by this line:

We created Chcocurb because chocolate enhances peoples’ lives. […] With Chococurb, we will help you discover, enjoy, and learn more about one of life’s greatest pleasures.

The small cardboard sleeve these are shipped in made my happy because I love #mint colored things!


Oh the sweet and giddy joy of opening up a surprise! Here’s what was waiting inside the box for me. I wish the card would have included a description of each of the chocolates included but instead I did some leg work and looked them up online.


July 2016’s Nano contained (clockwise): Ethereal Confection‘s Dark Chocolate, Seattle Chocolate‘s Birthday Cake Batter, Chocolat Dofin’s Noir Nougatine, TCHO’s Mokaccino, and Menakao’s 44% Milk Chocolate with Madagascan vanilla.


Here’s each piece laid out:


I think by far the best piece of the bunch was the Mokaccino square by TCHO. It has a subtle mocca taste that really enhanced the taste of the chocolate rather than dominate it. Plus, the wrapper had some metallic gold foil dots on it that automatically caught my eye.


My second favorite piece was the Menakao milk chocolate bar with Madagascan vanilla. I swear you could actually feel the vanilla bean grains in the chocolate! Which I loved.


If you’re a lover of chocolate or even food subscription boxes in general, I would HIGHLY recommend Chococurb. Beyond the amazing goods inside the box, the delight of just having something unexpected show up at your doorstep for you to try and enjoy really does brighten your day. If you’re interested in try Chococurb, use the discount code AUGHTONBURGH to receive 10% off of your order.

Do you have a a favorite brand or type of chocolate you like the most?