Although not really a commercial break from “regular” content because I utilize the “personal” category more than the other three on here combined…which says something about me, I’m sure.

Anyway, I was perusing the J.Crew catalog for photography inspiration (try it…catalogs are a gold mine of poses) and their Italian shoe collection caught my eye.

We all know and love the classic metallic toe cap shoe. Below: Delman “Brook” flat, $298 at Nordstrom.


But what has J.Crew featured in their March 2013 style guide?

Capped heels. Instead of a little flare in the front, we get a little jazz in the back. Below: Janey Liberty print flat, $248 at J.Crew.


Seriously. Cute. And very subtle! Unlike a lot of the metallic we see on shoes today (usually in the form of studs, chains, or just plain old completely metallic leather), this collection really brings class back into style.