It’s time for another week’s bounty from the CSA! Last week we got a bunch of interesting and beautiful veggies (and fruit) and I was super excited to see what we got this week.

I was pretty convinced it was going to be a repeat of last week…I mean, how fast can different veggies grow? Wrong again!

This week we got:

with labels week 2 With Labels

Since it’s already Tursday (womp womp late on posting) here’s what we’ve eaten and will plan to eat before Thursday:

  • Broccoli crown: eating this tonight with stuffed vegetarian shells and a salad
  • Tomato: Ate this as a snack on some deli bread with olive oil, herbs, and swiss cheese
  • Cucumber: Will eat this tonight on the salad. The remainder we’ll just eat with some sauce 🙂
  • Zucchinis: Had 1 in roasted veggies last week. The second one I’ll make zucchini straws with.
  • Lettuce: Salad tonight and tomorrow!
  • Collard greens: Ate these yesterday and WHOA were they good this time. I’ll write a post about the recipe I used for this and baked beans later.
  • Strawberries: Ate these straight up!


As a fun inclusion (because I’m obsessed with Sarah Barnes’ grocery hauls and meal plans) here’s our meal plan for the week:

  • Sunday – On our own since it was Father’s Day
  • Monday – Roast chicken, collar greens, and baked beans
  • Tuesday – Veggie stuffed shells, cucumber pear salad with goat cheese and pickled onions, steamed broccoli
  • Wednesday – Taco night! Served, of course, with Spanish rice (and a side salad if we have lettuce left over)
  • Thursday – Zucchini straws, roast asparagus, and salmon
  • Friday – Depends on what we get Thursday! Sometimes Friday we eat out if I don’t feel like cooking
  • Saturday – Someone else’s house! We’ll be going over to V’s parents house for dinner


I can’t wait to see what we get this coming week! I’ve always loved cooking and baking but participating in the CSA inspires me even more to eat well and try new things (food AND recipes!)

One of the things I read in the weekly CSA newsletter that comes out is that they highly recommend purchasing a salad spinner because of all the greens that come in early summer. After scouring Amazon I purchased this little cutie. Here’s what sold me:

  • It’s green and white 😀
  • It’s a small 3-quart one perfect for two people and doesn’t take up much room
  • It has an actual crank handle that folds up. I saw some that had zip cords or little tiny nubby handles. No thank you. I want a good old fashioned crank.
  • The green basket acts a colander and the clear bowl that catches the water can double as a serving bowl. A surprising amount of the ones I saw were NOT dual purpose (ie: there was a drain hole in the bottom of the water catcher so you always had to do this over a sink and could never use it as a bowl).
  • The bowls are both (supposedly) dishwasher safe. Although we just hand wash ours.



The crank handle folds up so it’s not always sticking out.


Some lovely strawberries from this week. The green colander part comes out of the clear plastic bowl below to create a doubly useful product!