We’ve rounded out the first month of veggies (and fruit!) through the CSA. I’ve been beyond pleased with the amount and quality of produce we receive. The only problem is us! I simply can’t process and cook the food fast enough.

Kassey-Sikora-Aughtonburgh-5872 with labels

Here’s what we got last Thursday and my plan for most of it:

  • Swiss Chard: I’m going to saute this up like I do collar greens and have it with corn on the cob and a roast chicken…probably Wednesday?
  • Spring Onions: We still have the last bunch! And they’re starting to wilt so tonight I’m using one bunch to make stir fry and another bunch to make scallion pancakes.
  • Basil: Some of this was turned into a marinade for the tomatoes. The rest will be made into pesto.
  • Tomatoes: We’ve been eating these raw as snacks (in pita) and used one last night as a veggie burger topping.
  • Broccoli: Stir. Fry.
  • Lettuce: Salads! I found a new dressing recipe for “ranch” using cashews.
  • Zucchini: I made bread out of one of them. The other one will be made into straws for Wednesday’s chicken dinner.
  • Peas: Half of these will go into the stir fry. I’m hoping I can blanch and freeze the rest.


So really we have meals set for today (Tuesday) and tomorrow and then the day after that it’ll be CSA day again! This week I’m picking up a double share so by Thursday we really REALLY need to have our fridge cleaned out!