I’m late on this post! I just picked up week 8’s veggie’s today (and also week 7 since I was out of the office last week).

In any case, these are the veggies from July 7 and 14 (shares arrive on Thursdays for me).


Here’s what we ended up making with this lovely bounty:

  • Swiss chard: Tried cooking these similar to my collard greens recipe. What a fail. Note to self: these are NOT like collard greens.
  • Cucumbers: These poor things ended up getting tossed since they didn’t get eaten before we left for PHL
  • Lettuce: Salads! Although again, some of this got tossed when we left town.
  • Onions: Used the sporadically in dishes. Didn’t use much of the green tops though.
  • Broccoli: Just cooked plain with butter! My favorite way, actually.
  • Zucchini: I made the most delicious fritters ever. I’ll share a recipe if we get more and I can take some pictures of the process.
  • Tomatoes: Eaten sporadically on salads, sandwiches, and with hummus.
  • Blueberries: We used these on cereal, pancakes, and various other breakfast foods.
  • Cabbage: I made cabbage soup one day with one head and sauteed cabbage and¬†pierogies with the other one.