Our CSA deliveries have been on hold for a few weeks because of the RNC and being out of town but yesterday I picked up my regular share and a makeup share. Once again, I am notttttt disappointed, internet.

I stacked the bags of beans and cases of tomatoes in this image but here’s a snapshot of what we got:


Here are my tentative plans for some of the veggies:

  • Carrots: Half a bunch of these are going into my roasted veg + lentils dinner tonight. I’m also going to use the fresh tops as garnish so we don’t waste much of them.
  • Dill: I wasn’t sure what this was at first (it looks like a weed…) but after finding out it’s dill, it’ll work perfectly into my lentils dish.
  • Beets: The two larger ones are going to also go into my roast veg mix. I think I might try to make a cold beet salad with a few too.
  • Cucumbers: I sooooooooo want to try pickling a few of these! We’ll see how that goes. The rest we’ll just eat.
  • Tomatoes: We always us tomatoes randomly…in omelets, as a snack with some salt and hummus…on salads.
  • Green Beans: V loves green beans (they’re to him what broccoli is to me!) But with so many I’m not sure what to do what I’ll do with them. I think you can pickle green beans so I might try that. Any ideas?!
  • Lettuce: Salads all day, every day.
  • Onions: These will get thrown in / piled on as many things as possible. They’re actually HUGE in real life so I want to make sure they don’t go to waste. I realllly want to try making scallion pancakes with some.


The item that makes me the happiest this week is probably the carrots. They’re bright and so fresh! Plus, they actually looks like real carrots…there’s something about grocery store carrots that’s just too….fabricated.


We had a bag of plums that weren’t that great for eating so I made a plum tart with them. This is my third plum tart and I think it was the best yet. For someone who HATES making shells and crusts, the crust on this one is super simple and comes out perfect every time. The filling is literally just a bunch of plums topped with sugar, butter, flour, and a pinch of salt. It has definitely edged it’s way into my top 10 favorite desserts.


I was originally going to make roasted veg and lentils for dinner last night but V wanted chicken and neither of us wanted to walk to Heinen’s so instead he made tomato, spinach, onion, goat cheese, and salami omelets (the salami was leftover from pepper sandwiches) and I made a simple potato hash (I’m working on perfecting my hash recipe). Breakfast for dinner is my favorite!


What’s your favorite omelet filling? While the concept of omelet’s is not new to me, I’ve only recently started eating them after I had THE MOST AMAZING one even from Phuel.