Dear Valentine,

I remember our first Valentine’s Day together. It was a month after we started dating. There were roses and 5-course dinners and lots of canoodling.

Now it’s our second.

Things have changed so much since then (we’re both older, your business is booming, I moved and changed jobs…) but the one thing that hasn’t is my love of everything you. Of spending time with you. Even if all we do is eat dinner in silence and spend hours doing nothing but moving around the house watching Netflix in various sitting positions.

I love our 5am chats about computer science and, as much as I might seem annoyed at the time, when you tease me it’s kind of funny (KIND of). I love learning from you. I love doing whatever will make you happy, whether that’s making dinner or bringing spontaneous treats.

I know you probably think celebrating Valentine’s is a ridiculous and most people will argue you should show the person you love how much you love them every day of the year, but here’s to you, Valentine.

You’re my #1. My favorite. My Valentine.