I saw some videos popping up on YouTube with #DearMe so I investigated it a little…

“YouTube today launched #DearMe as a global campaign initiative to inspire and empower girls everywhere to be confident and pursue their dreams.”

And while it’s meant to be a video thing, we all know that’s not my thing so instead I wrote a brief letter to my High School self:


Dear awkward, shy, wants-to-be-popular, pizza-faced, insecure self:

A lot of things will change from when you enter high school in 2005 to when you leave it in 2008. A lot you couldn’t plan for, even though it seemed like it. Even more will happen in college and after you leave college, too. Things become more and more unpredictable.

I know. Scary.

Eventually you’ll start to learn how to embrace change. Accepting it is all you can do.

You’ll change jobs, miss opportunities, gain and lose friends (and weight), move, and somewhere in there, you’ll start to feel confused about life, alone, and insane.

It’s okay. You’re doing just fine in life. You are where you need to be and someday, you’ll find someone who loves you (and rubs your hair).

Fight for your friendships, relationships, dreams, goals, career…and don’t be too hard on yourself. Let go of what needs to be let go. Move on. Keep your head up.

And remember that things you can’t even imagine now, will happen later. Good things. Amazing things. Love your life. Don’t give up on it.

Love, Future You