As a designer I’m constantly asking myself…is this the best design I could have possibly produced? Is this the most well thought out idea? And, more practically, did I meet the requirements? Did I make this for myself to love, for the client to love, or for the client’s audience to love?

To help answer these questions I’ve wanted to, for quite some time, to embark on a….design journey (pardon the cheesy-ness). I want to be challenged, creatively. I want to stretch my imagination and the boundaries of what I’m comfortable doing as a designer. I hate stagnation in any area of my life!

So of course I turned to google. I searched the heck out of “design exercises” and “design challenges” and found various blogs, books, and courses.

I’ve had them queued up for a while (ugh, life) but I just feel a push to START NOW. (Thanks, Jon Acuff).

So, without any commitment or set time frame, I wanted to do some challenges, post the results here, and write a personal reflection on the exercise. (This reminds me a lot of my England days when I was taking design classes and had to start a blog to post the results…it’s actually in the archives of this blog!)

I’ll (try) to tackle the first challenge today. Let Design Days begin!