I’ve just realized that my posting for NaBloPoMo is all off! In true blog posting slacker fashion, I’ve apparently posted after midnight on two days so their dates technically read the next day. What a fail.

So we’re pushing out two posts “technically” on Nov 4 although the one I worst at midnight was for the 3rd and the one on the 3rd was for the 2nd and this is just…ridic.

Moving on.

This is the conversation I had in my head this morning:

Oh, last night was daylight savings. So really it’s 7am. Oh man. That means that when I get up at 630, it’s really 530 in the morning so it’s going to be completely dark when I drive to work. Fab. You know how they always say going forward in time is easier than going back? I remember when I was in England everyone just told me to go to sleep when it got dark and I’d be fine going 5 hours forward in time. Going back in time? Not so easy. I struggled with jet lag for a week after I got back from England. I’d go to bed at 8p (1am in England) and get up at 4 am (9am in England). Wait. DLS is going back in time. DLS is like…jet lag. I wonder if anyone suffers the effects of jet lag during DLS? hmmm….

But seriously. How off does sleep become during daylight savings?

These are the things I like to think of in the mornings when I wake up.

Happy “you got an extra hour of sleep!” day.