It’s a pretty well-known fact that I love Easter more than any other holiday during the year. I won’t bore you with why.

So by all accounts it makes sense that I have a dream about Easter, on Easter morning.

What doesn’t make sense is that I woke up from said dream ugly crying. Yes, internet…disgusting, runny nose, red faced, ugly crying.

Here’s the synopsis:

V and I were in our cabin house the day before Easter (we don’t, in fact, have a cabin house) getting ready for Easter (why we were getting dressed a day early is beyond me). I was mad for some reason and was standing on the balcony over looking the woods (kind of like the picture below) while opening a package of plastic Easter eggs. It was raining.


The first egg, the pink egg, rolled out of the package and under the railing to land wayyyyyy below. We didn’t have time to fetch it so I had to leave it down there……all by it’s lonesome… the cold…..the day before Easter….

Which, I know I don’t really come off as a compassionate person but I was really upset about this egg.

So the next morning other stuff happened in my dream but I walked outside and looked down over the railing…and below was two bunny rabbits sitting in Easter baskets full of pink eggs. V had put them down there so my lone pink egg that I dropped wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Is this some metaphor for my life, internet? Maybe.

But I couldn’t stop uncontrollably crying over it. In my dream and in reality. It was just really…upsetting in a beautiful way I guess.

What a start to the day!

And what a decently great day it turned out to be.

Happy Easter, internet.