**A/N: In case the title wasn’t enough to deter you, I’m about to ramble on about my love for both the fandom and beauty products. I know. Odd combination. But not really. Avert your eyes now if that’s tedious for you.

I’m pretty sure that….wait…no….I’m 100% sure that by the time I sit down to write a review of my Sherlock inspired eyeshadows by Aromaleigh I already have another order in the mail and decide to wait.

Fourth, yes FOURTH, set of eyeshadows from the limited edition Sherlock inspired collection arrived today and I really, really need to stop buying them. Like whoa.

Below is a shot from Aromaleigh of their “Brilliant Deductions” line:



Wanna guess how many I own? Practically all of them (oh for shame!) *blushes* And unfortunately I’ve been buying them in batches of 3 or 4 at a time as opposed to having bought the whole set at once to get the discount.

Ah, you know how it is when it comes to Sherlock though. Money is no object (remember that one time I bought a $300 watch because it’s similar to the one he wears on the show? yeahhhh…..more on that another day).

Then I came across Fandom Cosmetics…….whaaaaat? Even more Sherlock inspired makeup?!

It’s all got me thinking about 1) if I were to produce a line of makeup products…what would it be? and 2) if I could name said products…what would I name them? (And by that I mean what from the show could I name them after?)


What do you reckon?

(Also, it’s #SherlockSunday! Happy day if you’re celebrating and watching!)