Warning: I’m going to yammer for a bit about fashion. Not with the same eloquence as Maria (fashion guru over at The Style Letters) but I felt inspired today by my favorite photog, Jasmine Star to do a collage of things I’ve filled my life with that inspire me. While I did make a fab list of things I could put in my “collage-0-Kassey” I decided to focus primarily on fashion/beauty. Mostly because I think I’m the last person who should be writing on such a topic (if you know me personally, you know I dress like a 90 year old Gran 90% of the time…)

Let’s go back to my younger days for a second. Unfortunately I have no photos of me back in primary school with me at my flat but I can tell you…it was the 90s and I had a side pony, fringe, and wore stirrup pants and roll neck shirts. Who didn’t? Thanks Mom for turning me into business woman Barbie at an early age because past the stirrup pants of the first grade, I wore pants suits. Yes. Pants suits. And vests. If growing up as the ONLY minority race in a 50 mile radius deep in the heart of farmland Ohio wasn’t bad enough…my mom dressed me like a mini Condoleezza Rice.

That’s okay. I eventually owned more than 1 pair of jeans by the time I got to high school.

High school was 4 years of me being the most un-branded kid ever. All the cool kids were wearing Hollister (it had just gotten big when I was in HS) and Abercrombie. Who was I wearing? Nobody brands. Blah blah. I hit college and had two jobs just for the fun of it to make extra money.

I graduated to 3…THREE pairs of jeans in college. WHOA. And one sweatshirt (I’ve never been big on sweats…) That’s about as college-y as my wardrobe got. With money and time away from home, theoretically I could dress however I wanted…use fashion as a sense of “expression.” But I didn’t. I still dressed as modest as ever with the occasional bubble dress thrown in for fun/formal occasions. Given the choice…I always gravitated towards button downs and fancy trousers or skirts. In this time I also developed a love for shoes, handbags, and accessories in general. Except now I could afford any brand I wanted…so I fell hard for Tiffany & Co. and Vera Wang.

Fast forward a few years. My fashion sense has finally settled into a more sophisticated version of what it was in college. The number of trousers I own still outnumber the number of jeans, leggings, and jeggings I own combined. But now I have a whole closet of just bottoms/skirts…so it’s a pretty large number, either way. My other closet has a (figurative) line drawn down the middle. Left side (strong side!) has just blazers and cardigans. Right side is blouses and button downs. But what about all my scarves, belts, handbags, etc. etc.? Don’t worry. They also got their own closet. (If you ever come over…you’ll find my entire flat is basically one big clothes closet with a kitchen).

I’m sure this was WAY more than you wanted to know about my fashion. But I wanted to provide something to fill the gap while the power was out at the Super Bowl.

Happy Sunday evening, have a great week.