January seemed to fly by and looking back, I kind of chuckle that I even made January goals. Did I even remember what they were? Answer: nope. But I edited the original post to include an update on what was accomplished and what was a failure.

For February my “theme” (because “themes” are all the rage these days) is Business Planning.

In the past I’ve been really passive with Aughtonburgh. It existed. I used the name to do work and pay taxes and that was about it. BUT OMG the second half of January turned into a mudslide of ideas, inspiration, motivation, and BIG DREAMS for my humble little design business. Before, “the dream” was just making Ab a thing. I just needed it to exist. But now it does, ohhhh it so does (at least in my mind), so I need to take the next step.

Here’s this months goals with a focus on Ab…
  • (Ab) Write 1 guest post
  • (Ab) Find 2 new design projects or clients
  • Spring clean! Digital things, paper things, all the things! (including a deep clean of the house…again…because I’m just never happy unless it’s sparkling clean)
  • Participate in #28toMake (that’s 28 designs this month!)
  • (Ab) Blog at least 2 times a week


Plus of course my on-going long-term goals:
  • Practice Spanish daily
  • Only spend $400/month (not counting vacations, rent, or car payment)
  • Workout 5-6 times a week
  • Only eat out 1 day a week, make the rest of my meals at home to save AND be healthy