On the daily I follow hundreds of feeds in Feedly, organized into 14 categories. The most important? The aptly double starred Favorites category reserved for the best of the internet. Okay, maybe not the definitive best of the internet but at least the top dozen blogs I’ll read no matter what the title of the post is. At least half are the blogs of close friends but here are 5+1 of my faves:

Victoria McGinley // (Formerly Vmac + Cheese) Basically a lifestyle blog I’m obsessed with. I’m not sure what it is about Victoria’s blog that trumps all other lifestyle blogs out there (I follow dozens more in my “misc” category) but I’m hooked. I’ve never met her before but from her blog she seems equal parts elegant, intelligent, and business-y.

The Londoner // If you know me, need I say more? Rosie has beautiful photos and great adventures. Seriously…how do I get her life?

Jon Acuff // In my list of top 5 favorite authors of all time you’ll find Jon Acuff. He’s witty and has really inspired me in recent years to go after my dreams.

L’Amour de Paris // I’ve been following Stacy Reeves’ photography since I was in high school and I really do credit her and her amazing work for why I picked up a camera and started my own photography journey.

Jasmine Star // After Stacy, I found Jasmine Star’s photography. Just…yes. I don’t want to say I crazy stalked her a few years ago and read all of her old blog posts but…yeah, I totally did.

The Financial Diet // Run by Chelsea Fagan (also on TC). I find Chelsea’s writing funny and since we’re basically the same age I enjoy reading her stuff a lot more for some reason. Specifically, The Financial Diet is exactly what I need right now.