It’s my official last day of work at AE.

Looking around my desk basically sums up my life here.

  • Post it note with quick reference of phone numbers for places/people I call…….a lot.
  • Photo frame with England photo plus mini Eiffel tower I got in Paris. Still in love.
  • Soapstone elephant I bought one time when B and I went walking around town during lunch. From India! Reminds me of the Secret Garden.
  • Little tea tins holding highlighters and permanent markers. Got them from a good friend who was moving to England. Oh how I love color coding things.
  • Little colored dots. Got me through two registrations. Phew.
  • Chopsticks in my pencil holder. From all the time we had Chinese for lunch.
  • A Twisler from Keri. Because she’s the Twisler’s fairy.
  • A post-it note with hand-drawn balloons on it from B on the day I officially resigned.
  • The BMW roundel. Because they’ll always be my client…in my heart.
  • My Subaru name tag. Because they’re the ones I started with. So many good times.
  • Packets of surveys on the floor from a 15 city tour that probably shaved some years off my life from stress. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Unmarked, unregistered license plates. It’s illegal to have them. But I’ve worked all sorts of miracles for work. (Thanks, PA Dept. of Transpo!)

Life has been good here. I’ve been spoiled. And I’m going to miss it.

*waves goodbye*