It seems like I’m in a constant state of freaking out…over coursework, traveling, leaving England, moving home, getting a job, moving out of home, etc. It’s a never ending stream of thoughts. Mentally, I’m finding it hard to keep going. In the last 4.5 days I’ve finished my website (which I had to hand code, I should add), the web dev paper, and my lit paper. And I still need to do all the research for my CB paper and write it….in (technically) 4.5 days. I just can’t get my mind to focus…no matter how much Mt. Dew Energy I drink or how late I force myself to stay awake…

But in these last days in England, I want to enjoy my life. I want to get back to the feelings we had in the beginning. That feeling of standing next to the ocean.

My final days look like this:

Friday (today) – paper, Carol service in the church in town
Saturday – Visit Ashley in Preston and check out the art gallery and church there / write my paper in the afternoon
Sunday – write my paper
Monday – write my paper / visit the ocean, if time permits
Tuesday – pack my room! / pack for Rome
Wednesday – realllly early in the AM, taxi to the airport and fly to Rome
Thursday – Vatican all day! / Fly to Germany
Friday – Check out Anna’s hometown / the Christmas market
Saturday – More Germany / Fly back to London in the afternoon / take the train to Ormskirk
Sunday – early AM taxi to Manchester…FLY BACK TO AMERICA!