The place that I live is nothing special.


Maybe it is. Between the private garage, washer/dryer (in unit, given to me), vaulted ceilings, dishwasher…I have to say…I have pretty good digs.

I also pay three times the average rent for this area to live here.

So you’d think for an exorbitant amount of rent I would have basically the nicest apartment ever.

You’d think.

My air conditioning has been on the brink of near death for months. MONTHS. I’d turn it on. Put it down to 65, because I like it that cold, and I’d be lucky if I could get it below 75 in here. Some days…it would over 80.

Seriously…where is my rent going?

Until today. It was finally being replaced. And in the middle of this humidity…I did a little happy dance when I got the email at work.

Oh whoa. Hold on. For an hour this afternoon it started pouring rain. Which hindered the installation of my air conditioning because the ground became too wet (I have a real air conditioning system, not the window kind).

Which means…….I have to go the entire evening with no air conditioning. Old unit is gone. New unit isn’t hooked up. It’s just kind of sitting outside.

And I’m dying a bit on the inside.

How do people live without air conditioning?!

Woooooo buddy.

If you don’t have air conditioning…I feel for ya. How do you stay cool? I have popsicles in my freezer…those might be coming out tonight.

What a Monday!


(I’m just kidding. There are people living not only without air conditioning but without access to clean water. Which is just crazy to think about. Not to plug charities I support, but consider educating yourself at about such a desperate cause.)