6 things - words

NEOTIE2015 // This coming Saturday I’ll be presenting The Science of Design (Sherlock pun!) at NEOTIE. I’m super pumped to hang out and chat tech. Plus I’m taking my camera!

Life // There’s a lot going on right now. Photoshoots, design commissions, an overflowing inbox, hanging out with friends, and normal life things (like taking care of my house and buying groceries) are REALLY clogging up my calendar lately. I’m busy. But busy with all good things (minus having to rollover my 401k and call the exterminator). I just wish I could get more sleep…

Five Minutes For Us // One of my favorite YouTubes, Ingrid Nilsen, started a thing on her second channel called “5 Minute For Us” where she just chats about a topic for 5 minutes. The topics might not apply to me every time, but I love the concept!

“Well That Escalated Quickly” // Lately, I think it’s just because my mind is trying to balance so many things, I’ve been escalating EVERYTHING from a 3 to a 300 in 0.06 seconds. It plays in to my anxiety and unfortunately the people around me (read: my boyfriend) ends up getting the brunt of it dumped on him (sorry, honey). But I’m all about checking myself (before I wreck myself…ha) this year so I’m getting this **** on lockdown.

The Cleveland Animal Protective League //

  • It’s 4 minutes from my house
  • They’re a non-government funded non-profit organization
  • Accepts all animals and will house them indefinitely
  • I signed up to be a volunteer photographer (and possibly graphic designer) so hopefully I can start doing that soon
  • For Easter, consider making an Easter basket of wish-list items and putting them in a pet carrier
  • You can sponsor a cage! I read this and almost started crying because it was accompanied with this photo…
    • “For some, their cage at the APL, complete with a warm bed, toys, plenty of food and water, and lots of TLC, is the only home they have ever known.”Grace-14457723-11