1. …got Netflix again. Internet…why did I get Netflix again? To watch Portlandia and House of Cards, mainly. But I’ve started up Gilmore Girls again too. Why….whyyyy?

2. ….have been working on little improvements to me lately…for example, I try to not turn the speakers in my car above volume 20 (I usually had them around 25…yikes). Having played loud musical instruments my whole life I’m worried about my hearing…so this is me starting to take action.

3. …had a dream last night that I was a wealthy lawyer that lived in France. It was the most beautiful weather and the location…it was so weird because it was an open air building…kind of like those malls that are outdoors…but bigger and more confusing. My friends and family where there. I was married to Colin Firth (what a dream boat) and lived in a weird chateau that reminded me of NOLA for some reason. But when I got home instead of Colin Firth my boyfriend was there. That’s probably who I wanted there all along anyway : )

4. …had this realization at work today (as it was getting kind of late and I wanted to get home but I had work to finish) that there’s no place I need to be except exactly where I am. Sure, I have things I want to get done and I do live kind of far away but there’s no need to be anxious. I’ll get home eventually. I’ll do all the things I need to do no matter what (and if I don’t, they weren’t that important to begin with). I am where I need to be.

5. …still want a cat.